Countries hosting volunteer placements



Volunteer Placements in Africa.

We offer volunteer placements in a number of African countries, which we are looking to expand upon. These include Botswana, Ghana, Uganda, Zambia & Zimbabwe. We are hoping to be able to offer placements in South Africa soon too!

The Caribbean

Volunteer placements in the Caribbean.

In the Caribbean, there are also opportunities for short volunteering placements. The Daneford Trust works with other London based charities who can place volunteers in Jamaica and also St Vincent and the Grenadines.


Volunteer in Asia & the Indian Subcontinent.

In Asia and the Indian Subcontinent, there is a need for volunteer placements to go to a street children’s organisation in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Our UK based partner is The Friends of the Street Children Bangladesh.

Please visit their site for further information about their work.

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