Overseas Volunteer Placements


What is The Overseas Volunteer Programme?

Since the trust began, many young people from London have volunteered abroad through the trust’s unique offer which is the Overseas Volunteering Programme, previously called Young Worker Exchange Projects.

For some young people, they may not wish to follow formal academic routes to employment. The OVP programme has offered this opportunity to develop and empower the next generation of young adults in order to learn about community development in both a global and local context.

There is a separation between the planning and preparatory aspect that is prior to the trip and the actual stint abroad, which can vary from a time-frame of just one month to six months, or perhaps longer.

The period after the volunteer has returned to Britain is also important as this is the phase whereby presentations may be given to schools and youth centres. It is after returning that  new global links can be formed between the volunteer within their home communities and those in which they volunteered abroad.

Our Overseas Volunteer Program always you to visit new countries while gaining experience and skills that you will keep for life.

 Volunteering overseas can be an extremely rewarding experience. See what some of our previous overseas volunteering placements had to say about their experience below. 

What Previous Volunteers Say...

Jade from Lewisham, Volunteering in St Lucia

“The projects are so fulfilling and I am jam packed for the week. I have realised there’s a teaching spirit in me….. I love planning my lessons and teaching the young people; they are amazing.”

What Previous Volunteers Say...

Rosna from Tower Hamlets Volunteered in Bangladesh Where Her Family Originated:

“I taught at Anandaniketon, a joint primary and secondary school..it was here that I had one of the most enjoyable experiences as a volunteer. As a volunteer, I am aware I have not changed the world or indeed, a tiny place called Sylhet. I realise it’s the work after that will matter the most.”

What Previous Volunteers Say...

Stephen, From Camden, Was a Volunteer in the 1990s to Botswana, Southern Africa:

“I want to tell you how important to me the experience of being in Botswana remains and how vividly it stays in my mind. In many ways it was a turning point; a time when I stopped doing what I was supposed to do and begin to take hold of my own life, with a set of values and a vision still fundamental to who I am.”


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